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Squiggle 6 Quick Start

Squiggle 6 Quick Start.doc


25 KB

A small one page document on how to install and activate the Squiggle 6 software. We suggest including this with Squiggle 6 physical sales.

Note: This sheet might resolve some confusion during installation. Unfortunately, the Product ID can not be entered during installation, but must be entered during the activation process.


Trial Version Image




92 KB

This image appears when the Squiggle 6 trial version first starts. When this button is pressed, the user is directed to a particular webpage ( by default).

If you'd like to offer your users a trial version of Squiggle 6, you'll want to update this image with your company's information.

Just send us the updated image and we'll send you the trial version you may offer to your customers.

  • updated image with your logo
  • webpage link for button


Squiggle 6 Spec Sheet



105 KB

A two page document describing the Squiggle 6 software that we send out to potential customers.





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