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Why is Squiggle not displaying my fonts?

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Before Squiggle can use the fonts used by your drawings, Squiggle needs to know where to look. By default, Squiggle only looks in the same directory as the drawing itself when searching for text fonts. If your fonts are located in another directory, which is most likely, they won't be found and the text will be replaced by a simple stick font. In order for Squiggle to display your fonts properly, you'll need to add the font directory or directories to the Support File Search Path.

  1. From the Edit menu, choose the Preferences option. This will open the Preferences dialog box (see Figure 1). This is where users can customize the Squiggle 6 default settings.

    Figure 1. Squiggle Preferences dialog box

  2. Left-click the Support File Search Path option and click the Add button. A new blank directory node will appear.


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